By Bill Tams 30 Aug, 2017
We at EMR4DW are excited to be working with the Quicken Trust, providing electronic medical records for their fantastic clinic at Kubbubu Uganda.  The quicken Trust is a Sussex based charity which is transforming the lives of people living in the village of Kubbubu Uganda. Nurse Susan and her team, pictured, are excited they have the latest version of EMR4DW which will help them screen for malnutrition and monitor the many patients suffering with HIV/Aids in the community. They go live with real patients this month and we wish them every success. A key feature of EMR4DW is to remain uncomplicated and therefore valuable in rural communities in the developing world. Good luck team!
By Bill Tams 23 Jul, 2017
Trustee Gail Tams and committee members Mark Fowler and Dr Bill Tams attended an informal group meeting with local MP Kevin Hollinrake and Secretary of State for Overseas Development Rt Hon Priti Patel MP in Malton on Friday 21st July 2017. The Minister talked about the strategy of the new Small Charities Challenge Fund the first fund from the Dept for International Development  aimed at small UK charities. In a question and answer session the Minister gave advice on the application process. Gail thanked Priti Patel for her determination in supporting small charities and for encouraging EMR4DW to apply to the fund..
By Bill Tams 25 May, 2017
During his 4 week visit to Uganda, Dr Bill Tams was invited to St Lawrence University Kampala to meet Sam Otile, head of the Public Health and Medical Records Dept. During the visit Dr Bill also met the Vice Chancellor  Prof. Kakinda Frank Mbaaga. ´╗┐They were very interested in EMR4DW, how our system worked and how clinics had been using EMR4DW. Dr Bill give a demonstration to a number of students who came in specially for the meeting. They recognised electronic medical records as the future and Sam will be using EMR4DW in his teaching. The students are all working in different clinics in the area, which lack medical records. They were keen to take this knowledge with them when they return to their clinics.
EMR4DW is delighted to have this academic connection and look forward to developing this further.
By Bill Tams 24 Mar, 2017
10 days ago I spent time visiting the special nutritional clinic based in Mbale Uganda. The clinic travels out into remote areas screening and monitoring children who are referred with Malnutrition. It was amazing to see how central, EMR4DW is to their work. They use weight and mid upper arm circumference measurements to assess the children. These are listed in chronological order on EMR4DW so it is easy to monitor progress. Prescriptions, also on EMR4DW, dictate what special high protein and high calorie medicines are given. 
       The new traffic light warning system, on EMR4DW,  indicates the severe patients, like this poor little boy, ensuring he is seen promptly. 
       As children improve the measurements change from red to green and help the staff decide when it is safe to discharge the children to routine monitoring. EMR4DW helping to save lives. We are proud of our support for this clinic.

By Sophie Tams 25 Feb, 2017
This week, Dr Bill Tams started a 4 week visit to clinics using EMR4DW, in Uganda. Dr Bill is the third and final member of EMR4DW to visit this winter. He is visiting Bumwaluki, Matuwa, Bushika and Manafwa clinics in Eastern Uganda.
An important part of Dr Bill's visit, is to update EMR4DW systems and connect with the UK to add final tweaks. The clinics run EMR4DW from generator power, so Dr Bill will visit the nearest town to get wifi to link with the UK. We have been testing the updates and Dr Bill is hoping to support staff with the changes. We are proud of how easy it is to use EMR4DW. Most of the staff members haven't worked on a computer before, but after 2 days of training they are able to use EMR4DW to keep patient records up to date, accurate and safe. Isn't that fantastic!

Dr Bill has taken 2 new laptops out with him to use as back ups in case any of the current laptops fail. He is also taking a reconditioned laptop to use at the Bushika clinic, as they are so busy with more than 30,000 patients on their data base!

One of the updates to the system is increased maternity coding to add to patient records. The new codes will help the midwives monitor their workload and select who needs extra care so mothers have safer pregnacies and healthier babies are born. Just like this baby seen at his last visit. 

Edit: Great news! The update and connection to the UK went smoothly today and EMR4DW is updated and ready to roll out at the clinics! Well done to the whole EMR4DW team in UK and all those on the ground in Uganda who helped make this happen.
By Bill Tams 30 Jan, 2017
EMR4DW Chair Dr Peter Smith visited Manafwa clinic in Uganda this week and found the new clinic already using EMR4DW  very well. This is a clinic which receives referrals of patients suspected of malnutrition. The photo shows the new traffic light system RED alert on the mid upper arm circumference. This measurement confirms malnutrition. Reception staff are able to triage such patients to see the Dr. 
EMR4DW will also help in monitoring these babies as it lists all measurements in chronological order at the bottom of the page, so the Dr. or nurse can see if the baby is improving.
Look out for more blofs from Dr Peter when he returns later this week.
By Bill Tams 22 Jan, 2017
EMR4DW 'traffic light' warning system shows red as a warning that this child's temperature is too high.
By Bill Tams 16 Jan, 2017
Dr Peter with staff at Matuwa Clinic
By Bass Stewart 22 Dec, 2016
By Bill Tams 05 Dec, 2016
Dr Elizabeth Fowler and her husband Mark are representing EMR4DW in Uganda as I write this. As well as the essential work they have done in coordinating the downloading of the new version of EMR4DW they are helping in many other ways. They took out essential drugs and dressing to help patients in this remote, poor area and will be staying on for 2 weeks so Dr Elizabeth can continue supporting and teaching the clinical staff, especially the midwives, and Mark can give essential computer training on the new version of EMR4DW.
 Congratulations to the new parents. EMR4DW is helping to make all deliveries safer as the midwives now document all antenatal clinics on the computer system.
Watch out for more blogs from Uganda!
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