About the Charity

About The Charity

Our health solution is a simple electronic medical records system (EMR4DW) for use in clinics, small hospitals and even refugee camps in the developing world. Our vision is that EMR4DW should be used by local communities free of charge. This system can measure prevalence and location of over eighty diseases. The solution is used to improve the care of the individual and to better target healthcare resources and education in the wider community. Using an easy to learn, robust system that runs on inexpensive hardware and can be accessed by Windows, iOS and Android desktops, laptops and tablets or it can be hosted on our Cloud for settings with access to the internet.

EMR4DW is designed as a simple, user friendly system which has sufficient functionality to make it efficient in developing world settings. Workers with no computer knowledge have learnt the system in 8 hours.

History & Update

In early 2012 Dr Peter Smith went to Uganda to volunteer in a remote rural clinic, Bumwalukani. He recognised that while what he was doing was helping, there was no record of his consultations and no way of analysing the incidence of any particular disease or complaint.
On return to Yorkshire, Peter met with Bass Stewart, who runs a Yorkshire-based IT business, and the collaboration to develop an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System (The System) began.

Goals for the System

  • improve the care of the individual and in particular to reduce child mortality in order to better target healthcare and education in the community by tracking disease prevalence and location.
  • be easy to learn, robust and reliable, and expandable in terms both of capacity and functionality.
  • run on inexpensive hardware that can be accessed by Windows, iOS and Android desktops, laptops and tablets
  • be hosted in the Cloud for clinics with access to the internet
Peter and Bass knew they had an exciting product on their hands but realised that to maximise its success they would need further resources. So in late 2014 they formed a charity and invited six further Committee Members to join them, including another clinician with experience in Africa, Dr Bill Tams. Between them, the two clinicians have since spent over 9 months in Africa working in medical clinics and developing the system. All their travel and subsistence will continue to be self financed. Dr Elizabeth Fowler and her husband Mark have also visited on a similar basis.

The charity’s objectives are:

“The relief of sickness and the preservation and protection of health by making available an electronic medical records system for use in the developing world and the provision of medicines and dressings to areas of need in the developing world.”

We now have 10 established clinics in Uganda ( 5 clinics ), Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Kenya and Dominican Republic with a site coming soon in the DRC along with enquiries from other areas in Uganda and Zambia.

In total there are over 55,000 patients on our sites. In these areas we have the ability to measure prevalence of over 180 diseases and, using our simple search facility, can detect geographical pockets of increased incidence of killer diseases such as diarrhoea and malaria and then focus scarce health care resources accordingly. Previously in Eastern Uganda, we found a correlation of higher incidences of malaria in villages without health support and have directed resources to these areas. Before EMR, this would never have been detected.

We ARE making a difference!

(June 2017)

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